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Performance analysis

Measuring and evaluating all the phase quantities with the highest accuracy.

If you want to test and analyse electric drive systems, you need to measure the power flow, phase quantities and DC supply from inverters accurately and synchronously. For short-circuit and no-load testing, you have to be able to change over automatically between the phases. Successfully combining all these functions, the AC/DC Box is a highly accurate system for testing hybrid and fully electric drives and electric motors. In addition, it also has convenient terminal and patch panels for measuring control signals, connecting control units and tapping measuring points. Precision instruments provide information on power flow, harmonics and losses. Integrated in a test bed system, effect times can be identified and evaluated in relation to the operating points in the test runs.


  • Voltage measurement 100 kHz, 1-1,500 V
  • Current measurement 100 kHz, 0-1 kA
  • TRMS conversion
  • Performance analysis
  • Phase shifting
  • Short-circuit and no-load testing
  • Safe changeover and shutdown
  • Simple contacting options
  • Flexible high and low voltage taps