Better than reality.

Testing and simulating batteries. Reliable, dynamic, accurate, stable and versatile.

Today’s drive systems require batteries that can deliver high power. We therefore supply a tool for developing and testing batteries or fuel cells and for tuning drive systems. Our battery simulators are highly dynamic sources and sinks suitable for use in battery and inverter testing. As the current remains stable during load spiking and dumping, they meet the demands of high technology applications. User-friendly interfaces and simple integration of Matlab models round off the systems’ benefits and allow them to be easily incorporated in test beds. Their widespread use in research facilities of Premium-OEMs shows the reputation our battery simulators have gained.

Technical data

  • Output voltage: 5 V to 1,000 V DC
  • Output current: -900 A to +900 A DC
    (larger range available on request)
  • Output power: 10 kW to 230 kW
    (larger range available on request)
  • Slew rate: 40 V/ms
  • Switching frequency: 30 kHz
  • Accuracy: voltage 0.2% FSO, current 0.2% FSO
  • Ripple: < 0.5 V
  • Interface: EtherCAT, Profibus DP, CAN
  • Supply: 3~400 V AC (690 V AC optional)


  • Bidirectional: charge/discharge
  • Adjustable dynamics (U/I characteristics)
  • Parameterisable discharge behaviour
  • Integration of Matlab/Simulink models
  • Short circuit proof
  • Line filter


  • Protective separation (IT network)
  • Insulation monitoring
  • Interlock
  • Safety connector for contacting the
    DC output easily and safely


  • CAN/CANopen interface
  • EtherCAT interface
  • RS232 interface
  • RS422/RS485 interface
  • Four-quadrant operation


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