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fuel cell test bed

Under all conditions

Dynamic and accurate control of pressure, temperature and humidity of process factors by model based control technique and smart rig design.

Future mobility will be based on a colourful mix of fuels and drive concepts, and hydrogen-powered fuel cells will play an important role. KS test beds for fuel cells offer the necessary flexibility to deal with the most diverse scenarios and the resulting testing tasks. System features such as KS DPC (Dynamic Pressure Control) allow independent and highly accurate pressure control of process supply and extract air. Fuel cells and complete fuel cell-driven vehicles can be put through their paces in the high-performance temperature chamber, with extensive safety technology ensuring the safe operation of the system when doing so.

Media supply

Hydrogen supply

  • 30 and 300bar hydrogen supply on site
  • Conditioning path for hydrogen low pressure up to 30 bar, max. 8g/sec (peak-flow), pressure control, mass flow measurement and limitation as well as temperature conditioning from -30 to +55°C
  • Conditioning path for hydrogen low pressure up to 300 bar, max. 8g/sec (peak-flow), pressure control, mass flow measurement and limitation


  • 8 bar nitrogen supply on site
  • Nitrogen pathes for purging anode and cathode
  • Nitrogen path for purging the primary conditioning pathes

Conditioning of specimen


  • Three cooling circuits with independent control
    • Stack circuit, 180kW cooling power
    • Intake circuit, 20kW cooling power
    • Buffer circuit , 20kW cooling power
  • Temperature range of cooling circuits each 
    20°… 70°C
  • Incl. automatic filling and draining,
    nitrogen purging possible
  • Medium primary circuit to specimen glysantin
    incl. integrated integrierter conductance value

Process air


  • Temperature control -30°… +55°C
  • Humidity control by evaporation 20%...95% r.H.
    (up to max. 30°C)
  • Max. 250 g/s air to DUT,
    Mass flow control 12,5g/s…237,5g/s
    (means 5…95%) in <1sec
  • Mass flow measurement over LFE
    (high accuracy also at low flow rates)
  • High dynamic pressure control by KS pressure control valve (KS DPC II), independent for intake and exit air

Integrated technology modules


KS dynamic pressure control (DPC) is a module that meets the highest requirements for pressure control in modern test systems. Through the use of model-based control engineering, intelligent sensor evaluation and fast signal processing, the control quality is ten times greater than that of conventional systems.

KS Battsim

Today’s drive systems require batteries that can deliver high power. We therefore supply a tool for developing and testing batteries (traction battery packs) or fuel cells and for tuning drive systems. Our battery simulators are highly dynamic sources and sinks suitable for use in battery and inverter testing.


The EIS module is a functional extension of the KS Battsim for measuring the frequency-related impedance characteristics of the specimen. The system-integrative concept of this module allows variables to be measured even during charging and discharging processes and thus online diagnosis regarding ageing processes (SOH, SOC).