Electric motor test beds

Field strengths.

High speeds, low vibrations, extremely dynamic.

As hybrid and fully electric powertrains are becoming more popular, electric motors are also rapidly gaining importance. High power densities, compact designs, extreme thermal stress, high speed ranges and robustness are just some of the challenges facing motor developers and manufacturers as a result of the specific requirements in automotive applications. Our electric motor test beds enable new and further developments to be thoroughly tested and support engineers in their efforts to continuously improve electric drives.


  • Speeds up to 40,000 rpm
  • Low vibration design
  • Control-based compensation for residual vibrations
  • KS frequency converter technology
  • Highly dynamic control
  • Accurate performance analysis

Power analysis


Voltage measurement 100 kHz, 1-1,500 V

Current measurement 100 kHz, 0-1 kA

TRMS conversion

Performance analysis

Phase shifting

Short circuit and no-load testing

Safe changeover and shutdown

Simple contacting options

Flexible high and low voltage taps