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Transmission and powertrain test beds

Geared for performance.

From manual and automatic to dual-clutch, we test transmissions on their own or in the powertrain. Development test beds, end-of-line testing, quick shifting, NVH testing.

Rapid control using R2R frequency converter technology, synchronicity of all the axes, realistic simulation of powertrain vibration, handling of bias and backlash and real torque distribution enable testing of the highest level. "Hot" braking, integration of MATLAB models and interfaces to virtual car simulation programs such as Carmaker are also included.

Testing options

  • Efficiency
  • Noise testing
  • Endurance strength
  • Environment simulation (temperature, humidity, pollution)
  • Torque test bed
  • Gear changes, shifting forces, synchronisation (manual gearbox to twin-clutch transmission)

Special features

  • KS R2R technology
  • Synchronicity of all axes
  • Handling of elasticity and backlash
  • Upspeed gearboxes can be used without any problems
  • Very high speeds
  • Realistic simulation of powertrain vibration


  • Inertia simulation
  • Anti-slip regulation (wheel, clutch)
  • NVH testing
  • Carmaker incorporation
  • Integration of MATLAB/Simulink models

Highest dynamics, real loads

  • Real powertrain vibrations can be simulated
  • Handling of backlash
  • Real torque distribution