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module test beds

Specialised testing systems.

We test everything, designing and building test beds for brakes, engine bearings, valve clearance, sensors, injectors, oil pumps, control units and much more.

The proper functioning, service life and energy efficiency of individual components becomes particularly important in the vehicle as an overall system. Detecting failures or malfunctions of individual components is difficult once they are integrated in the complete system and can be time consuming and costly. The impact of design modifications on costs and material savings may also have unexpected effects. It is therefore worth testing new developments and improvements thoroughly at the early stages of your project. In addition, it is easier to investigate and understand the physical background on the test bed. The array of sensors and actuators used in today’s vehicles and other products is huge. Components themselves often tend to be complex, incorporate logic and be connected to control units with bus systems. This results in wide-ranging and laborious test scenarios. Environmental conditions also need to be taken into account, such as interaction with the overall system. The definition of the testing task alone places high demands on engineers if meaningful results are to be gained from what are frequently expensive test systems. We are also pleased to provide support here. At the quotation stage, we examine the tasks closely and liaise with you to find the best possible, cost-effective solution. Every testing system is only as good as its definition and every result only as useful as the question behind it. To ensure the test bed remains affordable, yet still performs its task and does not give rise to any unforeseen costs or problems, we make things clear and agree everything in advance with you.

We build test beds for

  • Brakes
  • Valve trains
  • Cooling modules
  • Control units
  • Speed sensors
  • Bearings
  • Injectors
  • Throttles

and much more...

We are happy to take on new tasks. Challenges are what help us to develop ourselves and our products. They not only indulge our passion for engineering but also make our day-to-day work more interesting and give us scope for thought. And to be honest, the child in us still loves playing.