Industrial Automation

Tailored solutions.

Efficient and customer-centric automation.

When challenges exceed normal skill levels - that is when KS Engineers comes into play as a supplier of special solutions. Our flexibility and innovative spirit enables us to deliver solutions that are tailored to your specific requirements.
It is here in particular that the name KS is synonymous with answers to problems calling for an in-depth understanding of various different technological fields. Given our in-house expertise in software development, electronics, control and mechanical engineering, we can reduce the number of interfaces required to a minimum. This means we can focus on you, the customer, and what you need in our effort to develop as efficient solutions as possible.
We make a point of not restricting ourselves to any one field, as examining problems from various angles promotes the company’s proverbial capacity for innovation.


Production data collection system


DACO’s key benefit is that it can be customised for collecting production data from different manufacturing facilities. A complete system from a single source (i.e. software, hardware, installation and support), it can be implemented quickly in your existing structures.

Basic functionality

  • Automatic data acquisition and processing
    • Status (setup, running, downtime)
    • Production counter (input, waste, output)
    • Reason for downtime
    • Material or roll change
  • Minimal manual operator input
  • Real-time monitoring of machine status and production data
  • Standard reports for simple data analysis
  • Interface to higher-level ERP systems
  • Various export functions
  • Redundant design ensures high data security and availability
  • Multi-language capability

DACO mobile


DACO Mobile is a platform-independent option (iOS/Android/Windows) for real-time monitoring of production facilities on mobile devices. The layout is automatically adjusted to the appropriate screen size.




  • Real-time monitoring of machine status and production data
  • Graphical display of production processes
  • Historic data displayed
  • Scalable user profiles
  • Multi-language capability