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KS Engineers

Company policy

Through science and craftsmanship from a single source (quality workmanship) and economic success, we pursue the sustainable, healthy organisational development of our company.

KS ENGINEERS (Kristl, Seibt & Co GmbH and all affiliated companies) possesses concentrated know-how in the areas of electrical engineering, control engineering, electronics and computer science. Many years of experience and expertise concerning market and customer needs, innovative products and services as well as consistent efforts towards continuous improvement deliver optimum solutions at the highest level of quality. We offer precisely tailored solutions for customers looking for efficient results, and we are a reliable partner in the areas of automotive testing, industrial automation and building engineering.

Thanks to our mature technical problem-solving expertise, the commitment of our project teams, ongoing, market-oriented research and development and our proximity to our customers, we are successful in achieving sustainable value creation – for our customers, the company and its staff as well as for society at large. This forms the bedrock on which the company’s existence is founded and is the precondition for the realisation of all subsequent monetary and non-monetary objectives.

In order to meet these requirements as stated, KS ENGINEERS has implemented an Integrated Management System (IMS). This system encompasses the areas of quality, the environment and occupational safety, among others, and ensures compliance with all applicable legal obligations and other requirements, including those which exceed the statutory minimum. The Integrated Management System also serves as an instrument for the continuous improvement of all processes.

Achieving sustainable value creation is rooted primarily in the following:

  • Satisfied customers
  • Satisfied and motivated employees as well as their individual skills and commitment
  • Reliable suppliers
  • Continuous improvement of processes which are transparent and structured to optimise costs
  • Responsible approaches to dealing with the environment, resources and energy
  • The legal and social framework
  • The company itself and its organisation – science and craftsmanship from a single source.


We serve and care for our customers personally, professionally and quickly, making us better than our competitors. Our competitive and economical pricing structure ensures the sustainability of the business relationship between our customers and KS ENGINEERS. Through our experience and understanding of the most diverse customer requirements we are able to offer customer-oriented solutions, thereby ensuring added value as compared to our competitors. To do so, we offer assistance in analysing the problem and in determining the product specification. For both the customer and KS ENGINEERS, punctuality blazes the way to shared success. Through consistent customer orientation, first-class engineering, many years of experience and regular deployment of innovative technologies, we seek to secure the satisfaction of our clients, build trust and establish long-term partnerships. Binding obligations are fulfilled by KS ENGINEERS.


Although KS ENGINEERS has a large vertical range of manufacture, a broad network of suppliers is important to ensure that the company has a comprehensive supply of materials and services. Our suppliers are among the TOP suppliers in their respective fields, and they play an active part in avoiding errors and preventing idle states in our production processes by ensuring that our materials and services comply with our quality requirements and are delivered on time. We expect our suppliers to adopt and comply with our standards and guidelines with regard to quality, occupational safety, health protection, society and environmental protection in an appropriately analogous manner.


The activities of the company can – in spite of all efforts to the contrary – directly or indirectly have a negative impact on the environment. Our objective is to completely avoid these adverse effects and, wherever this is not possible, to reduce them to a minimum and to handle the environment, energy and resources responsibly.


The safety and health of our staff, contractors, visitors and neighbours is of great importance to us in all areas of activity. The company makes every effort to avoid injuries and sickness on the part of staff and to continuously improve working conditions.


The central factor behind the company’s success is motivated, creative and satisfied employees with the requisite professional and social qualifications and skills. Continual maintenance of qualifications is achieved through regular training and motivation of employees. Efficient and committed team work – including across all locations – is promoted. We seek to work together in an atmosphere of mutual respect, trust, cooperation and open communication. Only a good and stable work atmosphere characterised by fair and equitable treatment of others can enable long-term peak performance. We maintain close contact with educational institutions relevant to us so that we can welcome new staff to our team on a regular basis. In order to ensure a balance between work and private life for our employees, we attempt to reduce business travel to a minimum.


KS ENGINEERS is committed to its Integrated Management System. Only through continuous improvement can we achieve the required sustainability. We seek to strengthen our competitiveness in the national and international markets through continuous improvement of our performance quality with concurrent cost optimisation. To this end we improve our processes continuously, utilise new technologies and attempt at the same time to reduce any negative impact on the environment we may cause. The resources and means required to sustain our operational organisation and the management system are allocated accordingly. Every employee is invited to contribute actively to the maintenance and improvement of the management system and to regularly evaluate their own activities to ensure they align with the company’s policies and objectives.


The obligation to comply with the applicable legal, administrative and safety regulations is self-evident for the company. To this end, KS ENGINEERS maintains constructive relationships with authorities, neighbours and the public. 


For KS ENGINEERS, the assumption of social responsibility is an integral part of our enterprise. This presupposes that as a company we remain competitive and financially successful. As an enterprise with a rich tradition, we embrace our social responsibility and reject every form of corruption or discrimination. We expect the same attitude from our business partners.