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If something goes wrong

Report it confidentially

According to the European Union's policy for protection of whistle blowers here we are offering the opportunity to inform us within our own whistle-blower platform. This system is coached by our process legal management.

Open communication regarding problems and grievances is important in order to grow as a company, but also as a business. The European Union's Whistleblower Protection Directive has now enshrined this principle in law. Based on this, we at KS support all those actions that contribute to such open communication as well as those that promote legal compliance through our company-wide, independent reporting system.

Through this reporting system, we offer all persons the opportunity to submit reports regarding legal violations. The only prerequisite for a justified report is the good faith belief of the whistleblower that a certain act or omission constitutes a violation of law. Whistleblowers enjoy full protection against professional disadvantages.

The platform is available for all reports of legal violations, especially in the following areas:

  • Labor Law
  • Equal treatment principles
  • Anti-discrimination provisions
  • Data protection law
  • Environmental law
  • Criminal or financial criminal law
  • Product safety regulations
  • Anti-corruption, anti-money laundering or anti-terrorism financing regulations

The report itself can be made either by telephone at +43 664 8266255 or in writing by clicking the "Submit Report" button below. At the request of a whistleblower, there is also the possibility of meeting personally with our authorized persons in order to make a report in private.

In this context, we expressly point out that both telephone and written reports can be made completely anonymously. In addition, the persons appointed by KS to manage the reporting system are obliged to maintain complete confidentiality.

Link to : whistle-blower system