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Model-based control

Embedding MATLAB/Simulink models in real-time control.

T-Sim allows simulating virtual components as well as controlling real components in real-time on a test bed with the Tornado automation software suite. Various models can be executed in parallel or sequentially, with each model running at its own execution rate. The Tornado real-time system provides a broad range of I/O interfaces, including bus interfaces for CAN, CAN FD, Profibus, EtherCAT, etc. for communication with other devices. The model execution is synchronized to the bus systems.
Test bed deployment and integration of the model are managed by the Tornado Designer software. Changes are stored in the database for good traceability.

Generate real-time applications

T-Sim includes a toolbox that enables MATLAB Simulink to generate real-time executable code. The code generation is integrated in Simulink. For easy handling of the models, a Simulink block set is supplied. The models can be created by using standard Simulink blocks. The parameters can be changed at runtime. For models built with the debug feature, interim values can be monitored as well.


- Real-time execution of Simulink models without additional hardware
- Fully integrated in MATLAB Simulink
- KS Tornado database integration for easy use
- Model transfer cryptographically protected
- Online parametrization and debug functionality

Functional Schema

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