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Tornado Order Management

Efficient ordering.

Tornado Order Management is an ordering system for single test beds to complete testing facilities with a global structure.

It is an independent, lightweight application for creating, managing and scheduling activities. Using freely configurable data models, activities, assignable resources and interfaces, the system can also be adapted to your specific requirements in test bed and test facility management.

Creating & managing

  • Device under test (DUT) data entry
  • Test parameter entry
  • Interfaces to external data sources
    • For
      • Supplementing the data
      • Importing all the planning data
    • From
      • Files (XML, CSV, etc.)
      • Database tables
      • Web services
      • ...
  • Verifying the available data is correct and complete (is the DUT data complete)
  • Scripting support (e.g. VB.NET, etc.)

Approving activities for scheduling


  • Scheduling activities on the test bed
    • Automatic
    • Manual (drag & drop)
  • Checking time constraints (minimum/maximum testing time)
  • Test bed availability (blocking and releasing)
  • Allocating activities to possible test locations (where can the activity be carried out)
    • Test cell dimensions
    • Instruments available
  • Overview of testing operation
    • Current & historic data
      • Status
      • Capacity utilisation
  • Approving activities for testing

Testing & results

  • Reporting on data evaluation
  • Listing the activities to be carried out on the test bed
  • Entering the contract-related data in the automation system
  • Reporting activity status (e.g. setting “In progress” on the test bed itself)
    • Activity
    • Order
  • Automatic processing
  • Sending results
    • To external data sources

Tornado Order Management

Ordering and managing

  • Enters the test order
  • Automatically allocates an appropriate available test bed and resources
  • Sends the data to be verified
  • Parameterises and enables the test bed
  • Runs the test
  • Enters, transfers and manages the test results