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Tornado Software Suite

Holistic automation.

Forward-looking, sustainable automation takes your testing tasks in test cells and at any locations to a whole new level. The Tornado Software Suite adds test facility management, ordering and various different options for managing test data to Tornado Test Bed.

If you are looking for efficient automation of test facilities, centres or distributed locations, the Tornado Software Suite is a comprehensive tool that handles the complex tasks involved in systematic test bed automation both easily and effectively. Giventhe Tornado software architecture’s proven flexibility, the system can be adapted to the specific requirements of the testing tasks and test bed management. The testing task itself is carried out as usual from the core of the Tornado Test Bed functionality. Uniform functionalities and test facility architecture are managed by a wide range of services and functions in Tornado Host. The Tornado Order Management  module adds an open ordering system to the automation system.

Taking routine functions and flexibility in test bed automation a step further.


  • Efficient automation of entire test facilities
  • Uniform and central configuration of common test bed functions
  • Specialisations at test bed level for adapting to individual test cell infrastructure
  • Fail safe due to local copy of master database if server is down
  • Constant comparison with master database

Software modules

Tornado Runtime

  • User interface
  • Controlling the test bed and related infrastructure
  • Recording and managing test data
  • Manual or automatic test series
  • Test programs
  • Limit monitoring for protecting the device under test
  • Online calibration

Tornado Designer

  • Entire test bed configuration
  • Test channel parameterisation
  • Calculations and command programs
  • Test programs
  • Limits and alarm messages
  • Parameter tables
  • Ring buffer and recorder
  • Reports
  • Device under test (DUT) configuration
  • Drivers and interfaces
  • Access management
    • User and password management
    • User groups and user rights

Tornado Charts

  • Graphical display of test data
  • Comparison of test runs and results

Tornado Order Management

  • Test facility management
  • Automatic ordering system
  • Resource optimisation