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KS-FSS Functional Safety System


Holistic operating and safety concept for the individual requirements of each testing task.

When it comes to testing future drive systems – for example in conjunction with hydrogen and high-voltage battery systems – and also when operating conventional testing systems, complexity, and thus also the requirements placed on system safety, increase due to the interlinking of a wide variety of systems. The safe operation of the entire system in compliance with statutory regulations while simultaneously maintaining a flexible operating concept pose a considerable challenge here. With the KS Functional Safety System (KS-FSS), KS Engineers have delivered an integrated operating and safety concept for the individual requirements of each system; starting with the design, then the planning, right through to operation and approval.

Our integrative approach

Beyond the CE-compliant design of the overall system, we offer safety modules and solutions from our KS-FSS technology building blocks that are combined in a customised manner for optimum system operation. The integrative approach with a cross-system risk assessment, incorporating operating concepts from the customer with all the requirements for flexible system operation, form the core of the safety concept.



  • Flexibility maintained in system operation
  • Integrated, cross-system assessment
  • Optimally tailored safety concept
  • Safety technology as an integrated component of the overall system
  • Safety reactions in real time based on risk events
  • Can be used for new systems and for retrofits



The KS-SCM forms the central interface between safety-related field devices and sensors, as well as external control and protection systems. A central safety control system as an evaluation unit in connection with fail-safe input and outputs, as well as fail-safe field bus interfaces, form the core of the safety system. A flexible display ensures a permanent overview.