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Chassis dynamometers

For all wheels

One, two, four-wheel drive: KS mechanical and control engineering makes our dynamometers useful for a very wide range of vehicles. Accurate electrical mass simulation and compensation.

Chassis dynamometers from KS Engineers are optimised to your requirements and ideal for a large number of applications from R&D to range determination. Technical support at every stage of your project ensures effective testing and efficient project management. Together with our KS Tornado test data acquisition and automation system, the chassis dynamometers are a technologically advanced tool for conducting both standard tests and custom alternatives. Various measurement and control functions support you in your work and ensure easy operation, flexibility and openness when importing to and exporting from management systems.


  • Applications from motorcycles to heavy goods vehicles
  • Freely configurable test sequences
  • Turnkey test bed system
  • Intake air conditioning using proven KS technology
  • Everything from a single source

System components

  • Intake air conditioning
  • Test cell ventilation
  • Acoustic walls
  • Exhaust extraction
  • Fire and gas detector
  • CO2 extinguisher


  • Range determination, R&D testing
  • Automatic control for accelerator, clutch and gear lever
  • Freely configurable test programs
  • Exhaust volume recording
  • Air stream simulation



Chassis dynamometers from KS ENGINEERS - everything from a single source.