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Engine test beds

Controlled development

From small units to large engines. Highly dynamic control, flexible integration of sensors and peripherals, test facility management and end-of-line testing.

Sound experience in drive technology, our own frequency converter technology, KS sensor boxes and complete TGA equipment make us professional partners for engine test beds and installing test facilities and centres. As we build most of the test beds ourselves, we can be flexible in meeting requirements at every stage of your project. We cater for all performance classes from electrical supply and power distribution in complete test facilities to converters, drive systems and shaft connections. The wide-ranging functionalities in the Tornado Software Suite ensure easy test bed operation and allow you to make adjustments yourself and manage entire test facilities. Databases and their inheritance and level functions enable test facilities to be automated efficiently and controlled at global level using the fully integrated Tornado Order Management system. Sophisticated automation technology and innovative mechanical engineering combined with proven R&D test bed technology guarantee compact, reliable end-of-line testing systems with short cycle times. What we provide is the entire expertise and the design, manufacturing and commissioning resources required. This keeps communication channels short and gives you people you can contact - a great advantage for you.


  • Power from a few kW up to the MW level
  • Speeds up to 24,000 rpm
  • KS converter technology
  • Dynamic control
  • Flexible integration of sensors and peripherals
  • Open system with various interfaces
  • KS sensor boxes with interchangeable modules for shortening calibration times
  • Media conditioning
  • TGA
  • Heat recovery
  • Consistent: technology from a single source

Test facility management

The functions in Tornado 4 enable entire test facilities to be automated easily and efficiently:

  • Database structure with test bed and test facility levels
  • Standardisation of processes, automation and test programs
  • Inheritance functions
  • Specialisations at lower levels
  • Simple import, export and copy functions
  • Device under test (DUT) management
  • DUT and test program management possible from external control systems
  • Import and export of readings and test results
  • Automatic versioning and backup

End-of-line testing


Carousel systems for setting up and testing two engines in parallel, pallet system, automatic docking and undocking of all media (oil, charge air, coolant, fuel)