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Hot gas test beds

Testing under heat and pressure.

Continuous temperature and flow control, combustion chamber without ceramics and accurate metering even at high pressure.

Using a combustion chamber we developed ourselves featuring precision selection of the gas and air mix and a sophisticated valve system for controlling flow and pressure means our hot gas test beds can deliver a continuously adjustable map showing temperature, pressure and flow rate across a wide load range. As a result, there are no problematic changes in temperature and pressure when switching conventional cascaded combustion systems. The hot gas systems we at KS Engineers develop from scratch are now the benchmark on the market and a typical example of the company’s capacity for innovation and the flexibility we demonstrate in responding to your specific needs.

System components:

  • Burner and combustion chamber
  • Air and thermal shock air supply
  • Natural gas supply
  • Oil conditioning
  • Cooling water conditioning
  • Compressor and turbine backpressure units
  • Silencer
  • Compressor supply air, thermal shock compressor supply air
  • Ambient air ventilation
  • Closed-loop unit
  • Containment system


  • Two-stage combustor
  • Stable flame across wide control range
  • Continuous control range
  • Design without ceramics
  • High dynamics
  • Oil conditioning under combustion chamber
  • Mobile water conditioning
  • Flexible automation with KS Tornado

Technical data:

  • Pressure up to 7 bar ±20 mbar
  • Air flow 0.01–0.8 kg/s ±0.009 kg/s
  • Temperature up to 1,200°C ±5°C
  • Dynamics up to 300°C/s, 200 g/s², 2,000 mbar/s

Continuous control range with


  • Two-stage combustor
  • Design without ceramics
  • Multiple layer insulation
  • Precision control of the mixing ratio for stable flame
  • Model-based control

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